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How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

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The value of a car accident claim can depend on a wide variety of factors. As such, it’s impossible for a reputable lawyer who practices with integrity to guarantee a set outcome for any personal injury action.

Typically, an attorney will need to investigate your case, collect evidence, and evaluate the situation from all angles before they can determine what kinds of damages may be recoverable. Only after they have considered a host of variables will they be able to discuss a reasonable figure that can serve as a starting point for the negations.

Read on to learn what kinds of factors your legal team will consider when trying to value your claim:

  • Lost Wages: If your injuries caused you to miss work, you can seek funds for the paychecks you missed. If they have hurt your ability to earn income in the future, you may also be able to seek compensation for lost earning capacity. When assessing the value of this loss, your attorney may consider your salary before the accident and then consult with a vocational expert to determine how your condition will affect your ability to earn a living moving forward.

  • Medical Expenses: Your medical expenses will often depend on the severity of your injuries. Relatively minor conditions tend to cost far less to treat and rehabilitate than more serious or permanent conditions.

  • Non-Economic Damages: Many conditions can lead to extreme pain and other psychological issues. If you sustained a serious injury, it’s likely that you will be able to pursue compensation for intangible losses such as mental anguish, emotional distress, or pain and suffering.

  • The Potential for Punitive Damages: If it emerges that the at-fault party acted with oppression, malice, or fraud, the judge and/or jury may decide to award punitive damages. These damages serve as a kind of penalty. They also discourage others from committing similar wrongful acts.

  • Repair Costs: Chances are your vehicle was damaged in the wreck. Typically, you will be able to seek compensation for the cost of repair or replacement. Keep in mind that if your insurance policy includes collision coverage, you may be able to claim these expenses against your own policies.

  • Available Coverage: If you meet the state’s serious injury threshold and end up filing a third-party claim, the liable motorist’s coverage caps will affect the total damages you can recover. Your own coverage limits, including those for personal injury protection and uninsured/underinsured motorist, could also influence the outcome of your case.

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At Leitner Varughese, we have recovered more than $150 million for accident victims and their loved ones. If you were seriously hurt in a car accident that someone else caused, we’ll help you gather the evidence needed to valuate your claim as high as possible so you can seek enough funds to cover all the losses you incur.

Our team counsels clients across Long Island, New York City, and the rest of New York State. To schedule your free case review with a car accident lawyer in New York, call 855-585-2969 or complete our Contact Form.


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