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Who is Responsible for Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, including while walking down the sidewalk. If the accident was beyond your control, you might be wondering who can be held responsible for your resulting injury.

Our New York slip, trip, and fall lawyers at Leitner Varughese PLLC help injured victims seek justice and pursue compensation for their injuries. We understand that each case is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach when it comes to identifying liable parties.

Three Potentially Responsible Parties for Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accidents

Let’s discuss the responsibility of different parties involved in sidewalk slip and fall accidents to understand whether or not you can seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

  1. Commercial Property Owner

If you slip and fall on a sidewalk in front of a commercial property, such as a store or a restaurant, the property owner may be responsible for your injuries. Under New York City law, commercial property owners have a duty to maintain the sidewalks in front of their premises and to take reasonable measures to prevent slip and fall accidents (The Administrative Code of the City of New York § 7-210).

Reasonable measures may include regular inspections, repairs, and cleaning, among other things. If the property owner fails to fulfill this duty and you suffer injuries as a result, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against them.

  1. Government Entity

If you slip and fall on a sidewalk that is owned and maintained by a government entity, such as a city or a municipality, the responsibility for your injuries may lie with them. However, suing a government entity is often more complicated than suing a private individual or company. There are certain legal procedures and time limits that must be followed, and there may be caps on the amount of damages that can be awarded.

You might want to consult with an experienced lawyer who can guide you through the process when suing a government entity for a sidewalk slip and fall accident.

  1. Private, Non-Commercial Property Owner

If you slip and fall on a sidewalk in front of a private, non-commercial property, such as a private residence, you may be able to pursue a legal claim against the owner of that property. In New York, private property owners have a duty to maintain the sidewalks in front of their property and can be held liable for your injuries if they fail to do so.

Can You Seek Compensation for Your Injury from a Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accident?

If you have suffered injuries in a sidewalk slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income, and other losses and damages. However, proving liability can be challenging in these cases, and it is often helpful to have a skilled lawyer on your side. They can investigate the accident, gather evidence to prove fault and negotiate with the responsible party (and/or insurance companies) on your behalf.

Get the Legal Assistance You Need

The responsibility for a sidewalk slip and fall accident may vary depending on the circumstances, such as the location of the accident and the party responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalk. If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident while walking down the sidewalk, contact Leitner Varughese PLLC for legal assistance. We can help you hold the responsible party accountable for their negligence and seek justice for your injuries. Call 212-671-1110 to receive a free case evaluation.


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