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  • By Jamie Schram and Lorena Mongelli

Sicko nurse tied up my mom like a mummy

Chantar Riviere thought she was leaving her dementia-afflicted mother in safe hands when she hired a health care aide to take care of her while Riviere was at work.

She set up a hidden camera in her mom’s Astoria, Queens, apartment just in case — and was stunned by the footage she found at the end of her shift.

The woman had turned her mommy into a mummy.

Singo Omega allegedly used bedsheets to wrap up Yvonne Wilson, 69, in a total cocoon.

“This woman used a bedsheet as a straitjacket so that my mother couldn’t get out. No way she would be able to get out of that,” said Riviere, 50, a Long Island nurse.

She saved the footage to her iPad and called Omega, who lied and said “she didn’t do it,” according to a police report filed with the NYPD.

Omega took the elderly woman to Mount Sinai Hospital in Queens — then disappeared without a trace.

“This was abuse. I know my mother is scared. [Omega] needs to go to jail. She shouldn’t be taking care of elderly patients at all,” Riviere told The Post.

The NYPD is investigating the Feb. 15 apparent abuse as unlawful imprisonment and trying to track down Omega, 30. Sources said there is probable cause for an arrest.

“The police can’t find her, but they’re looking for her everywhere,” Riviere said.

“The detective told me they’re looking at hospitals and shelters.”

Riviere filed a complaint with the state Health Department, which launched a probe into the agency that hired Omega, Continental Home Care in Forest Hills, Queens.

Riviere said Continental showed “no respect” to her or her mother.

“It’s all about the money. When I told them about it, they didn’t believe me. He [the coordinator] called me a liar,” Riviere said.

“Then they dropped me and said they can’t give me service anymore,” she added.

Riviere hired attorney Brett Leitner, who is preparing a lawsuit against Omega and Continental Home Care.

“Our firm is investigating the actions of both parties, which we believe are abuse and neglect and outright violations of the victim’s federal and state rights,” Leitner said.

Continental attorney Richard Harrow claimed that Riviere was “verbally abusive” and that she went through 13 aides in a month.

“We are going to cooperate fully in any inquiries,” he said.

Riviere said she is angry at herself for having faith in Omega.

“I never trust anyone, but at some point you have to give someone the benefit of the doubt,” she said.

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