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  • Jamie Schram

Finance exec says ER doctor sexually assaulted her

A Long Island mom says she was sexually assaulted by a doctor during an emergency room visit at Stony Brook University Hospital last year — and now she’s planning to sue.

The 34-year-old finance executive and mother of two claims her trip to the ER on May 23, 2015, turned into a nightmare after she was brought to the hospital for a rectal exam.

A police reports states that after seeing a gastro physician, the woman was visited by two male doctors.

While one of them looked on, the other ordered the victim to “roll over” and he performed the exam, which she described as “extremely painful and rough” to hospital officials. “I screamed, I told him to stop, he did not stop,” the woman recalled to The Post.

A hospital report states that the doctor did not use lubricant and there was no female chaperone present at the time of the exam.

“He jammed two fingers [inside me] and turned them as hard as he could,” the victim said.

When the “exam” was complete, the doctors coldly walked out of the room without saying a word to her. “He left, I was in tears,” the woman said.

But the doctor did have a disturbing message for another physician who apparently was waiting outside the door.

“I’m already done, the show’s over,” he said, according to the victim. She claims the only person who spoke to her following the assault was a nurse who provided her with discharge papers.

She told hospital officials she left the ER that day feeling violated and uninformed about the exam.

After learning about what happened, the woman’s gastro physician encouraged her to file a grievance with patient advocacy, which she did.

She also filed a complaint with the Stony Brook University Police and has now hired a lawyer, Brett Leitner, to sue the doctor for sexual assault and the hospital for negligence.

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