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Home health aide worker caught on camera swaddling a dementia-afflicted woman, 69, in her sheets so

  • Chantar Riviere hired Singo Omega to care for her mother, Yvonne Wilson, while she was away at work

  • Riviere set up a hidden camera in her mom's apartment as a precaution

  • She was shocked to see Omega had wrapped her mom up like a mummy into a 'total cocoon' on February 15

  • Riviere said: 'This woman used a bedsheet as a straitjacket'

  • She claims Omega lied and said she didn't do it and then disappeared after dropping her mother off at the hospital

A woman was shocked to see footage from a hidden camera of how a home healthcare aide worker tied her mother up like a 'mummy' and left her for nearly 45 minutes 'so she couldn't get out.'

Singo Omega, 30, was hired by Chantar Riviere, 50, to care for her mother, Yvonne Wilson, who has dementia while she was away at work, the New York Post reported.

'I never trust anyone, but at some point you have to give someone the benefit of the doubt,' she said.

As a precaution, Riviere set up a hidden camera in her mother's apartment in Queens and was shocked to see what the camera captured at the end of Omega's first day on February 15.

Riviere claims that Omega, 30, used bed sheets to wrap up her 69-year-old mother into a cocoon.

'This woman used a bedsheet as a straitjacket so that my mother couldn't get out. No way she would be able to get out of that,' 50-year-old Riviere said.

According to a police report filed with the NYPD, Riviere, who is a nurse on Long Island, told police that her mother was wrapped up for at least 45 minutes.

When Riviere called Omega to tell her to let her mother go, Omega said she 'didn't do it', the police report states.

Due to being restrained, the elderly woman had 'several marks' on her, the police report states.

The Post reported that the healthcare aide worker took Wilson to Mount Sinai Hospital in Queens and then disappeared.

'This was abuse. I know my mother is scared. [Omega] needs to go to jail. She shouldn't be taking care of elderly patients at all,' Riviere said..

Authorities are investigating the incident as 'unlawful imprisonment' and are searching for Omega.

'The police can't find her, but they're looking for her everywhere,' Riviere told The Post. 'The detective told me they're looking at hospitals and shelters.'

In addition, the state Health Department launched a probe into the agency that hired Omega, Continental Home Care, after Riviere filed a complaint, The Post reported.

'It's all about the money. When I told them about it, they didn't believe me. He [the coordinator] called me a liar,' Riviere told The Post.

'Then they dropped me and said they can't give me service anymore.'

The concerned daughter is preparing a lawsuit against Omega and Continental Home Care with Leitner Varughese PLLC.

'The abuse of our most vulnerable elderly citizens is as shocking as it is outrageous. It’s time to take a stand and speak up for those who are not able to speak for themselves,' attorney Justin Varughese with Leitner Varughese PLLC told Mail Online in a statement.

'Our firm will not rest until we get justice for these innocent victims. No one should have to suffer such indignity and inhumanity.

'This woman, who was entrusted with caring for the victim, instead turned the victim's home and bed into a prison.

'This was a violation of her rights as a patient and as a human being. Our firm will vigorously work to protect the rights of the elderly to protect against negligence and abuse.”

However, the company's attorney claims that Riviere was 'verbally abusive' and that she has used 13 different aides within a month.

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