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New York Times reports on corporate nursing home owners' draining of profits in lieu of providin

  • Nursing homes are often understaffed

  • Nursing homes often have a scarcity of nurses and aides

  • Nursing homes are short on supplies, such as diapers,sheets, linens

  • Operating expenses paid to related corporations also owned by the same nursing home owners, so that owners an take profits from multiple sources

  • Nursing homes outsource goods and services to other entities controlled by the same owners, so as to increase profits

  • Nursing homes pay inflated expenses resulting in less assets and operating income to nursing home

  • Paying inflated rents to sister companies to increase nursing home profits

  • Devise complicated corporate webs to hide assets from potential negligence and wrongful death lawsuits

  • Nursing home chains are pulling money away from staffing

  • Family members found soaked in urine, unwashed, with cold food, vacant front desks, rarely re-positioned to prevent bedsores

  • For profit nursing home conglomerates fare much worse in fines, complaints and staffing

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