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What is a Living Will? What is a Health Care Proxy?

What is a Living Will?

A living will is a legal document that details an individual’s wishes per their medical treatment, in times they cannot communicate consent, while they are alive. Also known as an advance directive or declaration, this outlines what a person would want done in a certain medical situation. Examples of such situations can include medical treatment in the event of terminal illness, unconsciousness, mental incompetence and or/trauma. Living wills help to ensure the preferences and desires of the target patient are met in order to provide them the most personalized care. It also removes the burden of making a difficult decision that could fall upon a loved one.

In addition, living wills can spell out other instructions, such as organ donation and medication use. This is an important and effective way to guarantee that your wishes are followed. However, the living will is void after death. Substantive decisions are then left to the deceased’s estate administrator or attorney-in-fact.

Many health care providers offer these forms, along with a plethora of online resources that make the process simple and electronic. Furthermore, an attorney could be used to draft your living will for you.

What is a health care proxy?

A health care proxy is a legal document, another type of advanced directive, in which a patient designates a specific party to make medical decisions on their behalf in times of incapacitation. Choosing this agent will help ensure your health care decisions are made by a trusted and informed individual.

You are able to include instructions in your proxy and your agent is obligated to follow your wishes as executed in the proxy, unless there is reason to believe your wishes have changed. If you do not include advanced decisions, the agent will make those choices.

Changing your agent is permitted and relatively uncomplicated, along with amending any stipulation included in the document.

The New York State Department of Health makes it easy for anyone to complete this form online. You do not need an attorney to appoint a health care proxy.


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