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Leitner Varughese reports recent nursing home neglect, injury and negligence news

Leitner Varughese recently reported on the disturbing recent allegations of sexual assault and abuse and serious concerns of over resident safety in in an Arizona Nursing home. SEE BLOG HERE.

Now, the Arizona state nursing home investigators are also looking into over $ million in possible Medicaid fraud regarding the Hacienda HealthCare company, the parent company of the nursing home where the alleged rape and sexual assault of a comatose woman occurred. To recap, the woman at the center of the police investigation has been at Hacienda since she was 3, and cannot move on her own, cannot communicate and requires total supervision. On December 29, 2018, it was found that she had been impregnated and was in the process of giving birth. Male workers at the facility are being investigated currently. SEE ARTICLE. READ MORE HERE.

This new report brought back memories of another disturbing incident which occreed in a New York nursing home two decades ago. At that time, a female comatose New York nursing home resident gave birth to a baby. The predator in that case who raped and impregnated the comatose resident remains jailed for his crime. READ MORE HERE.

Separately, a New York jury recently awarded a nursing home resident $1.2 million for the New York nursing home's neglect in failing to properly care for bed sores. The resident was reportedly admitted to the nursing home so that her wounds would be addresses, and she was never even seen by a doctor at the nursing home. The jury awarded $425,000 for her past pain and suffering, $300,000 for future pain and suffering, and $475,000 because the facility violated New York Public Health Law regarding nursing homes. SEE MORE HERE.

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