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New York Nursing Home Medford Multicare Canter abuse, neglect, negligence and other news

The Medford Multicare Center for living, a troubled nursing home in Suffolk County, New York, was recently cited by the New York State Department of Health for more inadequate care failures. The DOH investigated the nursing home related to allegations

concerning: 1. Resident/Patient/Client Neglect-State Licensure 2. State Licensure- State Licensure 3. Accident-Accident

It was found that Medford Multicare was in violation of several state and federal rules and regulations. For instance, the Department of Health determined that the facility did not ensure resident rights to be free from neglect. Specifically, one (Resident #1) of three residents reviewed for neglect, required two-person assistance for bed mobility and mechanical lift (Hoyer) for transfers as documented in the Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP). A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA #1) to implement the CCP. CNA #1 placed a Hoyer sling under Resident #1 by herself and did not call for assistance. This negligence resulted in Resident #1 falling out of bed; the resident sustained a laceration to the left eyebrow. Resident #1 was transferred to the hospital and diagnosed with right subdural hematoma. Subsequently, Resident #1 died at the hospital on 12/25/17.

It was further determined that Medford Multicare did not ensure that the resident's environment remained as free of accident hazards as is possible, and that the resident received adequate supervision and assistance devices to prevent accidents. The Department of Health found that, based on interviews and record review during an abbreviated survey (Complaint Number: NY 00212366) the facility staff did not effectively implement interventions to prevent an avoidable accident. Specifically, one (Resident #1) of three residents reviewed for accident required two persons assistance for bed mobility. On 12/19/17, the assigned Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA #1) placed a mechanical lift sling under Resident #1 by herself. Resident #1 rolled out of bed and sustained laceration to his left eyebrow. Resident #1 was transferred to the hospital and was diagnosed with right subdural hematoma and subsequently died at the hospital.

to Resident #1.

The New York State Department of Health found that Medford Multicare Center committed deficiencies cited under:

Fed - F - 0600 - 483.12(a)(1) - Free From Abuse And Neglect S-S= G Fed - F - 0656 - 483.21(b)(1) - Develop/implement Comprehensive Care Plan S-S= D Fed - F - 0689 - 483.25(d)(1)(2) - Free Of Accident Hazards/supervision/devices S-S= G

Below are articles detailing the various allegations and findings of abuse, cover-ups, falsifying records, etc. at the Medford Multicare nursing home over just the last few years.

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