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New York nursing homes found less likely to accept poor residents

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Despite laws not allowing discrimination in admitting residents due to their source of payment, it was recently reported that New York's higher-rated nursing homes admit poor people at a lower rate than New York's lesser rated nursing homes. This was found to be especially true for people whose bills are totally paid from the beginning by Medicaid (Department of Social Services).

The reports say that it all comes down to money - that because Medicaid the lowest rates, those residents are not as readily admitted to top nursing homes, those having 4 or 5 star ratings).

The statistics show that at 5 star New York nursing homes, 7 percent of new residents were residents whose bills were being paid by Medicaid. At 1 star New York nursing homes, 15 percent of new residents were Medicaid residents.

Family members quoted in the reports said that they were told that there "was no Medicaid bed available" when trying to place their mother in a nursing home. They then had to settle for placing their mother in a 1 star rated nursing home.

It was further reported that the New York State Department of Health is responsible for enforcing the laws that prohibit New York nursing homes from discriminating against poorer or Medicaid recipients seeking admission to a nursing home.

To read the full articles, click HERE, and HERE.

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