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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Product Liability Attorney

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If you have been injured due to a defective product, seeking legal assistance from a compassionate and experienced product liability attorney is highly advisable. Manufacturers, marketers, retailers, and others within the supply chain have the resources to challenge every claim that comes their way. By enlisting legal counsel, though, you can essentially level the playing field.

Your first meeting with an attorney is an important step toward seeking the compensation you deserve. To make the most of this initial consultation, it's essential to come prepared. Read on to learn what you should in advance of your initial consultation:

1. Compile Relevant Documents

Gather and organize any documents related to the defective product and your injuries. This may include purchase receipts, warranties, user manuals, medical records, photographs of the product or injuries, and any correspondence with the manufacturer or retailer.

Providing your attorney with these documents will help them assess the strength of your case and understand the extent of your injuries.

2. Document the Incident

Write down a detailed account of the incident that led to your injuries. Include specific details such as the date, time, and location of the incident, the product involved, and a description of what occurred.

Be as thorough as possible, and make sure to include any witnesses present and their contact information. This information will assist your attorney in conducting a thorough investigation and determining liability.

3. List Your Injuries and Damages

Make a list of all the injuries you have suffered as a result of the defective product. Include both physical injuries and any emotional or psychological harm you have experienced.

Additionally, document any financial losses you have incurred, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and future expenses related to your injuries. This comprehensive list will help your attorney evaluate the potential value of your claim and ensure that no damages are overlooked.

4. Research the Product

Do some research on the product involved in your case. Look for any recalls, safety warnings, or previous incidents involving similar defects. This information can provide valuable context and support your claim. Your attorney will also conduct their own investigation, but being knowledgeable about the product will help you actively participate in the legal process.

5. Prepare a List of Questions

Take the time to prepare a list of questions to ask during the meeting. These may include inquiries about the attorney's experience with product liability cases, their success rate, the potential timeline of your case, and the legal strategy they may employ.

Asking these questions will help you better understand the attorney's approach and ensure that you feel comfortable and confident moving forward with your claim.

Speak with a New York Product Liability Attorney

Partnering with a compassionate and experienced product liability attorney in New York will ensure that your rights are protected and give you the support and expertise needed to pursue your claim and seek the compensation you deserve. When you’re ready to hire an attorney, reach out to Leitner Varughese.

We counsel clients in New York City, Long Island, and throughout New York state. Call 855-585-2969 or submit our Contact Form to schedule a free initial consultation with a product liability lawyer in New York.


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