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LVW, Assm Ron Kim, Jumaane Williams, and Voices for Seniors Proudly Unveil Nursing Home Victims Act

Brett Leitner, Justin Varughese and Nicholas Warywoda proudly joined NYS Assemblyman Ron Kim, NYC Public Advocate and likely candidate for Governor Jumaane Williams, Fox TV Host Janice Dean, Voices for Seniors, and nursing home advocates, at Governor Kathy Hochul's office to unveil the "Justice for Nursing Home Victims Act".

The event was covered by all major news outlets. Leitner Varughese Warywoda attorney Brett Leitner gave the following remarks:

Leitner Varughese Warywoda is proud to stand here alongside this very brave group who were brought together by a grave injustice.

Only through their voices, and unyielding efforts, was the truth brought to light:

The previous governor of nys took millions of dollars in donations from the millionaire nursing home owners, and then gave those friends blanket protection for their negligence which led to 15k deaths, and then tried to hide those deaths from the public

We were hopeful that the new governor would bring change and transparency to our government for New Yorkers, but so far, it is more of the same.

However, there is still a chance to right these deadly wrongs.

We commend Assemblymen Ron Kim for sponsoring the “Justice for Nursing Home Victims Act”.

This Bill will afford victims’ families their day in court to hold negligent nursing home owners and operators accountable, and will also establish a Victim Compensation Fund to provide due compensation for the families of those residents killed as a result of Covid-19 in New York nursing homes.

We cannot undue this “eldercide” that was committed, but we can try to make it right. We call on our New York State lawmakers to do right by these grieving families and support this essential Bill.


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