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New York Nursing Home Neglect Update

New York nursing homes have recently been in the news regarding instances of neglect and negligence. Below is a summary of some noteworthy stories.

The New York State Department of Health recently fined a New York nursing home after finding evidence that the nursing facility destroyed critical evidence of a sexual assault by one resident against another. It was reported that the nursing home waited six hours before reporting the assault to the local police department. More information can be found here.

A Manhattan (New York County) jury awarded the widow of a nursing home man over $5 Million after a trial for negligence and Public Health Law violations which reportedly happened at Northern Manhattan Nursing Home located at 116 East 125th Street in New York City. At trial, it was found that Northern Manhattan Nursing Home's negligence and neglect of the 75-year-old resident lead to brain damage which caused his untimely death.

Many New York State legislators are requesting that the Department of Health establish minimum nursing staff mandates in nursing home and hospitals to lessen the effects on care and resident treatment which happen more often when the facilities fail to provide adequate nursing staff. It was reported that nurses complain that they are overworked because the owners refuse to hire more staff in order to save money and increase profit. More on this story can be found here.

A new law was recently signed into law in New York which will require nursing home owners and operators to provide information to potential residents informing them of the physicians which will be available to them to provide care in the nursing home. It has been reported that physician care and coverage has been flagged as an area needing potential improvement in nursing homes. Read more here.

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