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  • Gabriel Sutton

The 10 Most Common Construction Accidents

construction workers

If you’ve been working in construction for any time at all, you probably know how dangerous the industry can be. Sadly, job site accidents account for thousands of fatalities—and many more injuries—every single year.

Read on to learn about some of the most common scenarios that contribute to casualties on construction sites:

1. Falling

Many projects require scaffolding, ladders, and the like. Anytime a worker is performing duties on an elevated surface, he or she is at risk of falling from a great height. While secure harnesses can certainly reduce this risk, there are scenarios in which they’re impractical—or even impossible—to use.

2. Slipping or Tripping

Job sites are often littered with tools, materials, and other obstacles. As such, slipping or tripping and then falling at ground level is fairly common among workers—and depending on how they land, the consequences can be devastating.

3. Getting Struck

If objects fall off any of the site’s upper stories or elevated surfaces, the workers down below are at risk of getting struck. While an adequate hard hat can provide some protection, it may not necessarily prevent head injuries entirely.

4. Getting Electrocuted

Whether building a new structure or renovating an old one, exposed wiring is inevitable. As such, construction workers are at risk of getting shocked on site.

5. Getting Stuck

Job sites are typically full of heavy machinery and bulky materials. Should a worker get caught up in the chaos of the site and fail to monitor his or her surroundings closely, he or she can get stuck between two immovable objects.

6. Explosions

If a spark ignites and there happen to be combustible materials in the vicinity, an explosion could result. Should this happen, all the workers nearby would be vulnerable to impact injuries, burns, and lacerations.

7. Overexertion

Construction work is mostly comprised of physical labor, which is incredibly demanding. If the foreman fails to monitor the workers’ hydration habits or the area’s rising temperatures, those on site can suffer complications like heat stroke.

8. Malfunctioning Machinery

When heavy machinery isn’t functioning as it should, all the workers in the vicinity are at risk of getting hurt. As such, it’s essential to maintain the tools and equipment on site according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

9. Auto Collisions

When the site is near moving traffic, the crew is at risk of getting struck by passing vehicles. Sadly, even when they set up plenty of flashing lights and signage, they can’t rely on every motorist to exercise caution.

10. Collapsing Trenches

Many projects call for trenches, which can—and sometimes do—cave in. If any workers are inside them when they collapse, serious injuries are essentially inevitable.

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