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Nursing home deaths prompt new rules

The deaths of multiple nursing home residents in Florida prompted Governor Rick Scott of Florida to implement new rules requiring nursing homes to have in place power generators and requisite fuel which are capable of maintaining appropriate temperatures for at least four full days following a power outage.

It would be wise for other states, such as New York, to follow suit, and require that nursing homes have back-up power supplies and appropriate plans in place in the event of power outage. It is obvious that high temperatures and lack of air-conditioning may cause significant health risks in the elderly population. In addition, many elderly nursing home residents, in New York State and across the United States, have complex and chronic conditions and rely on medical devices which require power. Such devices include ventilators, feeding tubes, and monitors.

The attorneys at our firm, Leitner Varughese, have handled many nursing home abuse, neglect and negligence cases, involving the failure and/or inadequate uses of medical devices in nursing homes. Sample cases include feeding tube (PEG tube, G-tube, J-tube) malfunctioning with developing infections and sepsis, inadequate ventilator monitoring resulting in asphyxiation, inadequate monitoring resulting in head and brain injuries, and negligent use of wheelchair protections resulting in falls.

There are extensive rules and regulations promulgated by the State of New York which require certain "minimum standards" that nursing homes must follow. The attorneys at Leitner Varughese are intimately familiar with these standards and regulations and have been successful in using these laws to protect the rights of victims of nursing home abuse and neglect throughout the State of New York.

Some of the "minimum standards" dictate rules for Resident assessment and care planning, Quality of care, Nursing services, Dietary services, Medical services, Rehabilitative services, Dental services, Pharmacy services, Infection control Laboratory and blood bank, Radiology and other diagnostic services, and Clinical records.

If you believe that your family member or other loved one has been injured in a New York nursing home due to abuse, neglect or negligence, we invite you to call the attorneys at Leitner Varughese today. The Firm has offices in Long Island and New York City and can be reached at (212) 671-1110, or visit

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