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Hurt by a Defective Drug? What to Ask Before Hiring a Product Liability Lawyer

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Every medication poses the risk of certain side effects. Drugs that are defective, however, have the potential to cause especially serious—and oftentimes life-threatening—complications.

If you sustained severe physical, psychological, or emotional injuries because of a defective drug, you may have grounds for a product liability lawsuit. While a strategic attorney can help you navigate the proceedings, you shouldn’t turn to just anyone. Instead, it’s important that you find the right lawyer for the case.

Thankfully, most reputable firms offer no-obligation consultations, which both the attorney and client can use to determine whether they want to work with the other. To make the most of this meeting and confirm that you’ve found the best lawyer for the job, don’t leave without asking the following questions:

1. How Much of Your Casework Involves Defective Drugs?

Product liability claims involving defective drugs are inherently complex. Building a compelling case demands extensive knowledge of tort law, medicine, and science, each of which is a challenging subject on its own.

While you don’t necessarily have to hire a defective drug specialist to ensure your claim will be in good hands, you will want to work with someone who is at least somewhat experienced in the subject. As such, it’s wise to inquire about the firm’s history, including the number of claims they handled that were like your own.

2. What Kinds of Resources Will You Call Upon When Putting Together My Claim?

The right product liability attorney will provide access to a vast professional network comprised of various experts who can supply testimony to bolster your claim. They will also have the administrative staff needed to file motions and guide your case through trial if settling proves impossible. Put another way, you should gain a lot more than just a lawyer when you hire someone to represent you.

3. How Often Will You Inform Me of the Status of My Claim?

You deserve regular updates on the status of your claim, as well as immediate notification of any major developments in the case. Since not all firms are committed to keeping their clients informed along the way, this is something you’ll want to ask about during your initial consultation.

You should also ask how accessible the attorney will be otherwise. When you reach out with questions or concerns, for example, will you be able to contact them directly? And if you leave a message, will they get back to you promptly? Filing a product liability claim is stressful enough on its own; you shouldn’t have to deal with an unresponsive legal team on top of everything else.

Call 855-585-2969 for a Free Consultation with a New York Product Liability Attorney

At Leitner Varughese, we’re not afraid to take on even the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. If you were seriously hurt by a defective drug, we’ll use the full force of the firm to pursue justice on your behalf.

Our tenacious team has secured more than $150 million for our valued clients, who are spread across New York City, Long Island, and throughout New York state. Call 855-585-2969 or fill out our Contact Form to set up your free initial consultation with a product liability lawyer in New York.


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