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The Grieving Families Act: Your Top Questions Answered

Discover the Game-Changing Grieving Families Act (GFA)

The GFA revolutionizes NY's outdated wrongful death law, empowering families to seek non-economic damages and extending the scope of eligible claimants.

The GFA: Progressing Through the Legislative Process

With strong bipartisan support, the GFA has successfully passed both the Senate and Assembly. Now, it awaits the decisive action of Governor Hochul.

The Countdown Begins: When Will the Governor Act?

By year-end, the Governor must request delivery of the bill from the legislature, signaling a turning point for the GFA.

Governor Hochul Holds the Fate of the GFA

As the Governor prepares to take action, she faces three choices: sign the bill into law, veto it (like last year), or propose "Chapter Amendments" in collaboration with the Legislature.

Quick Impact: When Does the GFA Take Effect?

Once enacted, the GFA will have an immediate effect and will be applicable to all causes of action arising after July 1, 2018.

Extending Time: The GFA's Statute of Limitations

By extending the statute of limitations from two to three years, the GFA allows families more time to pursue justice.

Who Qualifies? Bringing a Claim under the GFA

The GFA grants close family members the right to bring a lawsuit, including spouses, parents, children, siblings, and others standing in loco parentis. The determination of eligible claimants will be guided by the specifics of each case.

Understanding the Damages: What is Available under the GFA?

The GFA introduces two new categories for non-economic loss: grief or anguish, and loss of love, society, protection, comfort, companionship, and consortium. Additionally, it upholds existing categories, such as funeral expenses, medical care, pecuniary injuries, and loss of nurture, guidance, counsel, advice, training, and education.

Don't miss out on crucial insights into the groundbreaking Grieving Families Act. Get informed and join the movement for justice today.


1. Unveiling the Grieving Families Act (GFA)

Discover how NY's outdated wrongful death law is set to evolve with the GFA. Brace yourself for the recovery of non-economic damages and expanded eligibility for bringing a claim.

2. Progress Update: Where does the GFA stand?

Find out how the GFA sailed through the Senate and Assembly, gaining overwhelming bipartisan support. Brace yourself for the imminent action by Governor Hochul.

3. Breaking News: Governor's move on the GFA

Mark your calendar! The Governor has until year-end to request the delivery of the GFA bill from the legislature. Stay tuned for her decision.

4. Game-changing moves by the Governor

The Governor holds the key. Get ready for her game-changing decisions, as she can either sign the bill into law, veto it (as done previously), or propose negotiated bill language with the Legislature.

5. Revamping the system: The GFA's effective date

Witness the transformation! Once enacted, the GFA will come into effect immediately, impacting all causes of action from July 1, 2018, onwards.

6. Extending the window of justice: GFA's statute of limitations

Unveiling a new era of justice. Find out how the GFA will extend the statute of limitations from two to three years, ensuring ample time for those seeking justice.

7. Empowering the grieving: Expanded eligibility under the GFA

Prepare for justice on a larger scale. The GFA paves the way for surviving close family members to bring suit, with detailed criteria defining who is entitled to claim based on specific circumstances.

8. A path to comprehensive compensation: Available damages under the GFA

Expanding the definition of damages. Understand how the GFA recognizes new categories for non-economic loss, alongside existing categories, ensuring comprehensive compensation for grief, funeral expenses, medical care, and more.


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